Easy Ways to Minimize Our Footprints

Monday, September 22, 2014

Because of this week's UN Climate Summit, here is a brief list of the most convenient ways to decrease our ecological impact on Mama Earth.  I've discovered that when I am conscious of lessening a specific environmentally damaging habit, this consciousness only grows.  
It becomes easier for me to stop other potentially malignant practices by curbing one habit at a time.  One leads to the next!  Every action leads to a reaction - we not only affect others with our practices but the environment as well.  I'm on a personal mission to stop using any products with unnatural, sud-producing chemicals.  Also, no more plastic water bottles for me.

Start with whatever you can and remember: always love your mother!

Regardless of whether or not you’re a believer of global warming or environmental degradation, no one likes to feel wasteful.  If you’re in the mood to green up your life, here are five simple tips:
1.     Use reusable coffee mugs and water bottles.  Not only do they help to minimize waste, but bottles like Klean Kanteen are pretty stylish.  Plastic destroys marine habitats.
2.     Avoid shampoo with sulfates listed in the ingredient section (Whole Body at Whole Foods sells organic shampoos and conditioners devoid of sulfates).  The truth about many foamy shampoos is that they contain a higher percentage of sulfates, which dry out hair and skin, not to mention, soapy runoff can also contaminate fresh water.  Click here to read more about sulfates in shampoos.
3.     Pick up garbage, litter, and debris that you see lying around.
4.     If you have a backyard, use minimal fertilizer: runoff from fertilizers and pesticides travels into our oceans and rivers, resulting in a lack of oxygen in the water, needed by aquatic creatures.
5.     Bike more, drive less.  Although this pointer is often difficult, do what you can to limit your personal pollution.
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