Little Fires Everywhere

Monday, December 25, 2017

LITTLE FIRES EVERYWHERE by Celeste Ng is a tightly woven web of intersecting lives of characters impacted by child bearing and rearing.  Ng's writing is poignant and precise: "The firemen said there were little fires everywhere...Multiple points of origin.  Possible use of accelerant.  Not an accident."  The book itself is fire.

Winter is a ripe time for reading - especially for reading a book that is captivating and expands one's point of view.  Before I began LITTLE FIRES EVERYWHERE, I kept saying that I needed a book that would keep me engrossed in it - a page turner.  This was just that.  The premise is fertile and the story is excellently crafted.  Tributaries keep running out from the main plot line, intersecting and running back to the main story line to enhance it.  It is well written and worth all of the attention it has received lately.

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