A Love Story: Me and My Planner

Monday, January 30, 2017

Nope, my love affair is not with the one organizer displayed above.  Last year, and the year before, I used a Day Designer.  One of my best friends, Emily, found it in her quest for the perfect organization tool.  Since I trust her opinion, I immediately bought one as well.  Two years ago, I was disappointed with it because I had ordered the large one (pictured here) which proved to be too cumbersome for me.

Protecting Our Oceans

Monday, January 23, 2017

Image via A Well Travelled Woman
Here are a slew of landscape and ocean photographs.  1. Because my cup runneth over and I take way too many landscape shots, and 2. President Obama recently banned oil and gas drilling in many US Arctic and Atlantic waters permanently (as one of his final actions as POTUS).

An Ode to my Grandma

Monday, January 16, 2017

My late maternal grandmother was born in 1922, just two years after women acquired the right to vote in America.  I may have witnessed the transition from the days of AIM to iMessage, but she was present for a much more drastic shift.  Whenever I was stressed or anxious about an event, obligation, or interaction, she calmed me down.  Her dominant personality traits were intellect, charisma, and verve, and she had a quiet wisdom about her that grew more pronounced in her later years.  I knew, after all that she had lived through from great personal loss to traumatic world events, that her advice was well worth absorbing.

Good Food, Good Drinks, Good Vibes

Monday, January 2, 2017

506 On The River Inn in Woodstock, Vermont, has a restaurant hidden inside.  It is a relaxed and delicious place.  As a guest at the inn, I ate there for breakfast in addition to dinner.  The breakfast is complimentary with an overnight stay, but it is not your average subpar continental breakfast.  It's classier.  My eggs were made to order (this is not always an option) and even the oatmeal is quite tasty.  I'm not a foodie, but I really appreciate well made, healthy fare.

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