Peace in the Chaos

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Living in New York can be overwhelming.  Especially if your job is demanding and requires longer hours, as many are and do.  These factors stress out the body and mind, and it can be difficult to reconnect to a deeper, truer, more vulnerable self at night, let alone pull away during the day to recenter oneself. 

I've found that little moments of reconnection throughout the day go a long way.  Small things like stepping away from my desk and breathing fully - even if I am not stressed - will prevent me from becoming anxious.

Little time outs during the day in peaceful places can totally alter our ability to handle more overwhelming situations.  Wandering into a nearby park and putting down my phone, focusing on the swell of the wind, the movement of the leaves, can help me to let it all go.  Stepping into a nearby church or temple that holds the energy of prayer changes my energy.  Good music and yogic breathing also always does the trick.  Or even just shaking it out.

On weekends, more substantial getaways to the woods, a retreat center, the mountains, or the ocean reinforces that this reality we have created is truly subjective and changes depending on perspective, mentality.  I have never tried "earthing" but that sounds pretty effective and like it could be transformative.  Minor, even seemingly basic and obvious, destress techniques actually can have a strong positive impact if performed in increments throughout the day.
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