Post-Grad Life

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The struggle is real, friends.  I have become a professional job hunter, and it does in fact get easier with each cover letter I write.  
Technically, I have a part-time job and a one-day-a-week internship, both for which I'm infinitely grateful and at which I'm learning vast amounts of crucial information.  However, I can't run from the nagging thought that asks: is this field the right one for me?  

Why can't I just be a Renaissance woman who miraculously masters writing and acting to the point where I make a living off of both professions... At least I have my English major to keep me company.

Up until a few months ago, I was concerned with the minute details of a job, yet I disregarded how the lifestyle of said job could implicate me.  Now I've figured out that I desire a lifestyle that may conflict with the career I want.  I'm sure many others before me have reconciled these questions for themselves, but help.  Any advice?  I'm drawn to the idea of owning my own home (eventually) in a rural suburb of New York City, or living in a town like Saratoga or a Virginian suburb of Washington D.C.  In school I was taught by a husband and wife professor duo.  They were positive and inspiring people who found a way to make a reliable schedule out of theatre.  They lived nearby in an affluent, somewhat rural, suburb and vacationed all summer in a house by the sea.  I am so drawn to this idea.  And, of course, both professors appeared happy and content with not only their jobs, but with their ability to express their feelings creatively as well.

In a world where simply being ourselves is rarely enough, the question 'what can you offer' is mounted on a pedestal above all else.  Or so it seems.  But this isn't the truth.  She/He who offers love, kindness, and compassion to others gives the greatest gift of all.  This is something I try to remember every day.

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