Sweet Home (Saying Goodbye)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I love my backyard.  It has a quiet little patio that overlooks a small glen of trees with no neighboring house in the back.  Having just graduated college, I know I will not be living at home for much longer, but on top of this, my family is moving.  
My family has moved many times since I was a little girl.  I became used to staying in one house for roughly four years, and grew excited with the prospect of new interior design challenges for each new bedroom!  When I was thirteen, my parents got divorced and when I was fifteen, my mom, brother, and I moved into the house that I still live in today.  

This house means more to me than any of our other houses, and I've really developed a bit of an emotional attachment to this plot of land.  We've lived here for eight years and I love it.  Because my parents remained good friends following their divorce, I have some magical memories of my whole family together here, as well as some poignant physical markers of who I once was as a growing teenager, like the magazine clippings hung up in my closet.  I'm happy to move and to see what this new (nearby) location brings out in my personality.  In honor of my love for my backyard, which I'm currently writing this post in, here are images of the yard in different seasons.
Be well!

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