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Friday, September 5, 2014

"I'm Going to Make Everything Around Me Beautiful - That Will Be My Life"  -Elsie De Wolfe: Author, Actress, and the Mother of American Interior Design

When I find myself in need of inspiration, I try to read up on others who have gone in search of their passion with the goal of sharing their inner light.  One of my favorite strong women is Elsie De Wolfe, a woman who was talented, direct, strikingly innovative for her time, and overall, really cool. 

 De Wolfe is responsible for bringing light and air into a Victorian world of mourning.  
She is also the creator of a few choice quotes - one of which is featured above.  Although it's roughly thirteen years old (I'm a little late), I recently discovered this article featured in Architectural Digest, commemorating her work.  For me, it's most interesting to read about designers and catch a glimpse into their imagination.  I find myself wondering what they were thinking of when they created the room, or piece of furniture, or shoe that they designed.  Could they have been visiting the geometric pyramids in Egypt?  Walking down a broad avenue in New York?  Or were they simply sitting outside and relishing a wind sifting through the trees?  Elsie De Wolfe is known for creating a world of light in the rooms she designed.  She was greatly inspired by 18th century France and its feminine, elegant nature.  In the room pictured above, De Wolfe clearly incorporated her ideal of a more laid back lifestyle (to the Victorian era). 

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