Soul Searching

Monday, October 20, 2014

All along, I knew that anyone is capable of anything.  Intellectually, I understood that I could accomplish whatever I put my mind to, but I never fully believed it.  In fact, I straight up did not believe in my ability to manifest my dreams.  Until recently.  
Something changed suddenly.  In the past, I'd let others' (friends, family, even strangers or acquaintances) opinions determine my limits.  Moreover, I allowed my assumptions about their thoughts, something that is none of my business, dictate (to a certain extent) my thought patterns and my self-belief.  No longer.  We are more than our negative thoughts and we are more than what others make us out to be.  Do not fear your potential - and never let your fears determine your path of life.  This is what I am constantly telling myself.  From pursuing career paths I like and seeing some progress in each, my actions have demonstrated that one event leads to another, making anything someone desires possible.  All one needs is to make a choice.  Just make sure your desire comes from a positive place.    Don't hide your light!!!!

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