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Monday, December 1, 2014

I've been sick with God knows what for the past week, and I hate it.  I'm so desperate for more ideas of low-key, indoor activities.  Because a virus cannot be cured with antibiotics (which aren't good for anyone anyway), it is the perfect illness on which to test creative home remedies.
Basically, I'm desperate for a cure, so I have tried everything and this is what works for me.

With the beauty of snowfall arrives the onslaught of cold season.   Winter is coming.  ...And so is the flu.

In order to avoid a virus akin to the one I’ve had, I have compiled a list of fast and easy tricks (some of which you may already know) that will knock out your next cold.

1.)  A Spoonful of Vinegar Helps the Medicine Go Down.  Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar to be exact (it’s organic and filtered).  Drink a capful of this vinegar in a cup of water every morning with lemon and you will notice that it opens up the sinuses and has a slew of other positive benefits, one of which includes balancing the body’s pH levels.  Read more about the positive effects of apple cider vinegar here and here.
2.)  Zinc. Zinc allegedly cuts cold virus symptoms in half, especially if taken toward the beginning of the cold.  I waited until I was 5 days into my virus before I popped a few zinc cough drops, but they seem to have helped.  My scratchy throat and cough were definitely minimized.
3.)  Airborne – apparently if you believe that airborne works to improve your health, it does.  It works as a very powerful placebo.  So, believe and drink up, people!
4.)  Healthy foods – believe it or not, health begins in the gut.  Therefore, a supplement such as Natren Bifido Factor, a probiotic pill, helps to boost the immune system.  Probiotics are especially important when taking antibiotics.
5.)  When feeling sore in the throat, gargle with a capful of hydrogen peroxide (make sure it is the mouth-friendly kind) mixed with water.  Gargling with mouthwash is effective as well and often kills the bacteria that causes an aching throat – if you catch it soon enough.
6.)  Exercise consistently, but opt for rest when feeling under the weather.  Light exercise may in fact combat the common cold!
7.)  Chicken Soup!  Need I say more.  I'm a vegetarian but chicken soup always comforts and soothes like nothing else and is worth the meat-proximity.
8.)  Soak up some sun.  Vitamin D has a myriad of known benefits, including positive mood effects.  Though it is difficult to find sunshine in the wintertime, catch some rays by taking a little walk.  Read more about Vitamin D here.
9.)  Clean up! Avoid overexertion, but remember to eliminate germ-contaminated items.  Change sheets, switch towels, and buy a new toothbrush - I need to buy new everything!
10.) Echinacea.  Teas like throat coat that include echinacea are miracle workers.  Echinacea itself is known to increase activity of the human immune system and reduce inflammation.  Drinking throat coat took my sore throat away and it never returned.
11.)  Lastly, if you find yourself too sick to function, watch a comedic television show or film.  Laughter is undoubtedly the best medicine of all...and so is sleep.  Also, maybe take a Claritin...
Nature's ability to heal never ceases to amaze me.

watercolor echinacea by Ruth Harris
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