Little Things: What's Keeping Me Warm

Friday, January 30, 2015

{Makeshift Candlelight Yoga}

{Nearby View}

Winter fosters productivity - the cold, the darkness, the beauty of bare trees, the Oscars, etc.  The cold screams STAY INSIDE, NEVER LEAVE. We're approaching that post-holiday point of winter where, in order to avoid the cold, one must actively seek warmth.  As long as I'm healthy, I enjoy this part of the year.  Every day, the sun sets a little later.  With these few more minutes of light comes some semblance of hope.

There are limited opportunities for outdoor activity in suburban New Jersey in midwinter (I suppose I could always cross country ski into town along the sidewalks...), so I find that I write more these days.  For that I am thankful.

{The Empire on a Clear Day}

{A Montauk Overlook}

{Amazing Sunset While Driving}

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