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Monday, January 5, 2015

I have yearned to go to France for an extended visit since I first started language classes at the age of eleven.  This past summer, I promised myself this trip as a graduation present.  In all honesty, it was a bitch to plan, but I am still feeling its lingering positive effects today.
I had only been to France once for a long weekend, so the idea of a 3 week trip there made me giddy.   Once in France, I was enamored by the culture and lifestyle.  My ability to speak the language improved each day and my rapid improvement in speaking was inspiring.  One day, I hope to return for a longer stay to tackle fluency.  Throughout our trip food was cooked to perfection, formidable architecture was omnipresent, the land was beautiful, and most people were charming and welcoming.  Included are pictures from our journey.  We began and ended our trip in Paris and from there traveled to Avignon, Nice, and Sainte-Maxime.  Just like my trip, photos move from Paris to Avignon, to Nice.

This was my first time visiting the Mediterranean Sea.  It was magical and everything that Fitzgerald described it to be.  I think it is my favorite body of water to swim in to date!   (This is the amazing villa in which Fitzgerald vacationed.)

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