A Moment Frozen in Time: Round Lake, NY

Friday, May 29, 2015

Round Lake, New York is a Victorian settlement just south of Saratoga Springs.  From the outside, it is nearly unaltered.  Pretty much every house is historically preserved and probably qualifies as a historic landmark.
The streets are almost too narrow to drive down.  As one drives off of Route 9 and into the settlement, a hush falls.

When I closed the door to my mini cooper and walked down the street, the only noise I heard was that of birds chirping.  I felt like I needed to silence the scuffle of my own feet it was so quiet.  Driving into Round Lake is like driving straight into a fully preserved 1870.  If someone in one house laughed loudly, a neighbor down the street could say from their porch at normal speaking level, "what's so funny," and it'd be possible to have a conversation from their own houses.  That's how quiet it is.  It's eerie, but it's beautiful.  It's a real life wrinkle in time...

Leah's Cakery is a delicious roadside cake shop that smells like cinnamon and vanilla.  The people inside were super friendly and it seemed to be the only shop nearby.

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