Escape to Mohonk Mountain: Spring

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Mohonk Mountain House is hands down one of the best places to visit.  Even if someone just wanted to go somewhere to sit inside in one spot all day, I'd say go to Mohonk.
Bordered by the lake on one side and the mountains on the other, the hotel is surrounded by soul-inspiring views.

I stepped up my birthday planning game this year and surprised my boyfriend with dinner at Mohonk.  He didn't know where we were going until I hit the gate to the mountain house...I'd say that's well executed.... We stayed at Minnewaska Lodge to save some money, which turned out well for me, since they have outdoor fire pits (featured below).  If you like star gazing I'd suggest checking this place out.

This lake is unbelievably beautiful and at night, voices echo around the cliffs and Christmas lights twinkle across the water.  It's otherworldly.  Am I hiding my enthusiasm well?

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