A Date Along the Hudson

Friday, August 7, 2015

A few weeks ago, there was a pocket of amazing weather in New York City.  80 degrees, sunny and breezy - especially along the Hudson.  Like many others, I made it a point to stay outside as much as is physically possible and ended up spending a date night strolling along the walkways that line the Hudson River in the battery.  The sunset was phosphorescent so I was a little snap happy.

We ate at Cafeteria which was great for a quick, outdoor bite (I got a veggie burger with cucumber dill sauce and my boyfriend ate a lobster roll).  Afterwards we walked down the Highline and then out along the battery, where we drank beers, watched the sunset, and sat out on the grass there.  It was a clear skied, summer, celebrity filled night (I'm looking at you, Allison Williams and Rex Ryan...).  Basically, under the open sky and next to the wide river, I felt that anything was possible.

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