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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

For the past year or so I've used solely organic (or mostly organic) cleansing products for body, face, and hair.  I tested many different brands (including Ren, Tom's deodorant, and others) and settled on WeledaDr. Hauschka, and Taproot Farms for facial oil in the winter months, though I'm still open to other oils.

I initially incorporated these products into my routine because I felt guilty about the suds that come from sulfates (which are both unnecessary and detrimental to our skin and hair).  Suds contribute to environmental pollution.  Furthermore, I'm not for animal testing and wanted to avoid as many chemicals as I could for my own well being.  I have also noticed a substantial difference in the health of my skin, especially on my face.

I have used a variety of products, from cheaper pharmacy brands to more expensive products offered at department stores.  Prior to using these organic products on my face, I had to alter my face wash every few months due to irritation.  After using certain products for a while, my skin would suddenly become red and itchy in specific places on my face.  The soap I used was either too harsh: causing redness and irritation, or too gentle: pimples.  My face would also become dry in the winter.  Since switching to Weleda, however, it no longer does.  My skin is clearer and is never irritated (thankfully).  Plus, the rose body wash smells amazing...

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