Lark Hotels' Branding Strategies + Tips

Monday, April 18, 2016

Lark Hotels is the fairly new hotel management company responsible for renovating and creating design-savvy properties situated in stunning locations.  Each property is unique and is artistically inspired by its physical surroundings.

 Lark Hotels has succeeded in forming a cohesive and successful brand that is rapidly growing.  Over the past year, I have had the pleasure of working with this company and have had the opportunity to participate in and learn from their branding strategies.

Often when Lark Hotels manages a new property, the company renovates the hotel and although the interior designs are different, the hotels resemble one another and exude a similar essence.  Rachel Reider, a Boston-based interior designer, is responsible for the d├ęcor of many of Lark's hotels.  Designs consist of vibrant colors and playful patterns (especially at Gilded, where textures from velvet to satin pop up throughout the property).  Though each Lark hotel is different, one, singular style belies the look and one gets the notion that one person is behind many of the final decorating decisions.  The same photography firm, Rare Brick Photography, is employed to photograph each hotel as well.  Rare Brick is run by "Chief Inspiration Office," Dawn Hagin and her husband, Adam Policky.  The duo appears well-versed not only in the Lark Hotels brand, but is also privy to the marketing strategies behind the opening of each hotel - an element that is evident in the styling of photos.

Like the song that a lark sings, Lark Hotels heralds the dawn of a new beginning for stuffier historic buildings of old turned Lark: the hotels managed by this firm are far from boring and veer towards mischief!  My favorite component of the Lark brand is the attention to detail regarding the patio/backyard area of these properties.  I love a good fire pit, and in this department, Lark's hotels are not lacking.

*All photos above are owned and shot by Rare Brick Photography.

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