Summer in Vermont with KJP

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Vermont in early June is enchanting - the air is still fresh but the sun is warm.  I attended a cocktail party at my boss's vacation home in Bethel and felt so inspired by the flowers leaning in the breeze and the rushing of the river far off that I have included photos here.

Kiel James Patrick and Sarah Vickers are two New England digital media darlings who have mastered the art of branding.  Together, the couple runs the American-manufactured clothing and accessories company self-titled Kiel James Patrick (KJP).  Sarah promotes the products on her impeccably designed blog, Classy Girls Wear Pearls.  Every summer, Kiel and Sarah embark on a series of adventures with a hoard of young interns (a few of the interns I met had just graduated high school...) in tow.  The interns learn the intricacies of business and entrepreneurship and benefit from free board in Rhode Island home rented by KJP.  Because of a work related event, I was fortunate enough to meet Sarah, Kiel, and their interns this summer on a particularly beautiful golden evening in Vermont.  Sarah is just as enchanting as she seems from her pictures, and Kiel just as charming.

An air of mystery surrounds Vickers and Patrick.  The couple resides on a lake in Rhode Island - the epitome of a New England dream life.  The KJP brand was built on a firm belief that handmade, American-made goods are valuable and their social media aesthetic strongly reflects this pillar.  To drive home this content curation, the duo often posts photos involving jetsetting and hotel hopping at resorts - mostly in the US, but occasionally in varying locales around the world.  After spending an evening with the entrepreneurs in Bethel, Vermont, the allure remains.  They are branding geniuses and have extensive knowledge of cultivating a certain (preppy) vibe from scratch.  It was a lot of fun.

We spent cocktail hour in this sundrenched meadow, where we sipped white wine and ate crackers with brie.  It was just the beginning of summer and the earth was only starting to warm up, so a cool breeze lifted up from the ground, making the evening even more magical.  The interns wandered around the barn, taking photos and chatting.  I am really into Vermont, so plan on seeing more posts from here.

Sarah's dress is Tommy Hilfiger, and mine is Reformation (always pleased to support eco-friendly fashion).

The last photo and the photo of the girl holding flowers were taken by KJP's interns.

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