A Career's Impact on One's Personality

Monday, December 5, 2016

Lately, I have been reflecting on the qualities that certain jobs enhance in different personalities.  This idea makes a lot of sense...if we spend a large fraction of our time doing particular tasks and relating to others in a specific way, it will undoubtedly affect other areas of life as well.

Ironically, the introverted jobs I have had, such as my current one working at a literary agency, seem to awaken my extraverted side.  Working in public relations definitely honed my relationship skills and the way that I interact with new people.  My goal is to keep a balanced life, where I am fulfilled and consistently challenged, yet not stressed.  I notice that some successful people who claim to "love" their vocations, are perpetually high strung, particularly when it comes to work.  It is as if mere mention of the job title activates their adrenal glands...and that may physically be happening.

My grandmother in the center, on the cover of The Bugle Call.
 If a career encourages detrimental personality traits, why continue down that path?  It may just be the wrong fit.  Say you are in marketing and it increases a vicious competitive side, or attempting to be a director of film and it returns you to acting like an impetuous child.  Of course, this kind of psychological observation could be the precipice of true exponential growth, but at the same time, if it is clearly the job that is the root of the stressor, turning away or denying your ego might be the responsible choice.  We have a duty to choose to immerse ourselves in hobbies, activities, and jobs that bring out the best in us (if we are fortunate enough to choose our careers).  It is our obligation to learn when to say no to something.

Also, on a side note, I think we should really have a 4 day work week - it is much more natural. Or at least break in August the way that western Europe does... Working constantly does not equal more productivity.  Work smart, not necessarily "hard."

Fall/Winter skies over Manhattan

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