Protecting Our Oceans

Monday, January 23, 2017

Image via A Well Travelled Woman
Here are a slew of landscape and ocean photographs.  1. Because my cup runneth over and I take way too many landscape shots, and 2. President Obama recently banned oil and gas drilling in many US Arctic and Atlantic waters permanently (as one of his final actions as POTUS).

Excessive drilling, excessive use of plastic waters bottles and bags, excessive sulfates in soaps that cause suds and leak into reservoirs, rivers, lakes, and oceans damaging the habitats of marine life is detrimental to the health of land animals like us as well.  So many people rejoice in the free offerings of Mother Nature, like hiking, swimming, kayaking, camping, or simply just being in the wilderness.  No one is threatening to remove our creature comforts, merely behave conscientiously and do what we can to protect the land we live off of and on, no guilt involved.

As National Resources Defense Council president, Rhea Suh, stated: “President Obama used a law employed by multiple presidents to establish these essential protections. There has never been a more important time or more fragile ecosystems for this type of presidential action. Today’s bold bi-lateral announcement between Canada and the United States shows North America is leading the world in preserving the Arctic for future generations. President Obama and Prime Minister Justin Trudeauhave created an indelible legacy as true stewards of the most fragile and threatened ecosystem in the world, and we urge the other Arctic leaders to follow suit."

I'm still trying to figure out how such a perfect creature could exist...

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