Princeton: The Land of F. Scott Fitzgerald

Monday, February 27, 2017

Last weekend, I visited Princeton for the first time.  Most of my knowledge of the university is from F. Scott Fitzgerald's debut novel This Side of Paradise, that he penned shortly after graduation.

As a result, I had envisioned it similar to the way that Fitzgerald described it - pristine, beautiful Gothic architecture filled with our nation's smartest blue bloods.  I assumed that the overall feeling on campus would be similar to that of many other prestigious universities, gorgeous and historic, but a permeable feeling of stress lingering in the air.  Here though, I did not feel that.  Maybe it was the unusually warm weather for February, but the energy on campus was relaxed and open.

One student lay in a hammock in the corner of the quad next to a volleyball court.  The students that we passed looked pretty content and skateboarders cruised along the streets outside of the gates.  I didn't want to leave.

My cousin's boyfriend is a PHD student at Princeton so we had a very informed guide.  They are both champs.

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