Good Girls Revolt

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Amazon is number one in my heart right now....even though they made the decision to cancel Good Girls Revolt, a decision both unpopular and seemingly unfounded. But, for shows like Mozart in the Jungle and the first season of Good Girls Revolt, I am an Amazon Prime Video fan. Their content is sophisticated and humorous.

This show has one of my favorite opening sequences.  The Rolling Stones' "Gimme Shelter" rings out.  The camera pans down a 1970s decorated Fifth Avenue and gradually zooms in on Genevieve Angelson's free spirited character, Patti Robinson.  I was longing for a female driven period drama after Mad Men wrapped, and Good Girls Revolt seemed to deliver just that...until it was prematurely canceled.  The show, which chronicles the real events of a landmark EEOC equal rights employment case that occurred at Newsweek in 1970, illuminates the need for continued progress regarding gender equality.  The producer and creator, Dana Calvo, has alleged that the board room who chose not to renew the series was a room of all men.  Granted, I am sure there were valid reasons for the show's collapse, but it is comical how closely life mirrors art -  not one woman was involved in the decision to halt a show about women's rights.  Also, the show is well done and costume design is impeccable.

I am disappointed that this show will not return.  It is a feel-good piece of art that has great contemporary relevance.
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