Santa Cruz and Seabright Beach

Monday, April 24, 2017

The day after I flew into San Francisco, Emily, one of my best friends, and I drove down to Santa Cruz.  We left Marin in the morning after going out to breakfast in San Anselmo.  In Santa Cruz, we stayed on the beach in a room overlooking the ebbing tide, and walked along the water into Seabright for dinner.  We crossed over the railroad tracks that bridge the land on both sides of the water.
 It actually was scary to walk across the slats, knowing if I misstepped I could fall off... But the views were worth it.  Open abyss of Pacific Ocean, surfers out by the cove riding sunset waves, and college students piling driftwood into teepees for seaside bonfires.  I felt that intoxicating feeling that comes at the beginning of summer, an overwhelming wave of freedom that feels outside of time, like there were no limits or barriers.

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