Winter in Block Island

Friday, March 23, 2018

A few weeks ago, during President's Day Weekend, we went to Block Island, off the coast of Rhode Island.  It was so quiet.  I caught myself thinking that a highway was nearby at several points, but it was just the dull roar of water hitting the rocks on every side of the island.

It was magical - as winter always is in summerlands.  We wandered through the nature preserve, bike road to the grocery store, walked the island, and to top it all off, I watched the sunset with a glass of rose in my hand. In the city, it can be easy to get in a mindset where the idea of a slower life seems boring or dull in comparison to the constant stimulation of New York.  This is so far from the truth though.  I wonder if we trick ourselves into thinking this way.  Why do we think that more is better?  I only want more of what is pure and necessary.  Everything else is just noise.

In the water are windmills, which harness the momentum of the wind generated just off coast from the open water.  They are beautiful.  They are an image of clean energy - not of the future but of right now.  If we fully cooperated with (rather than depleted) nature, energy prices would drop and dirty ways of generating energy would also diminish (looking at you, fracking and coal mining).

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