Living Vertically

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Last year, I lived in a bedroom that was equivalent to a closet.  Literally.  It stretched about ten feet long and seven feet wide.  For two people.  
Thankfully, I shared the room with one of my best friends, Emily.  Two girls: One Closet.  It was tight, but we made it work and utilized the space to maximum capacity.  Emily's pretty organized (you should see her planner), and I'm neat so we kept everything in its rightful place and were able to navigate the tiny space with ease.  We were lucky enough to have one eight foot window overlooking the most beautiful of Georgetown's buildings: Healy.  The room was equipped with a loft, which we called "the nook," that sat above the room with a ladder.  Despite the size of the space, I had some of the best times I've ever had here.  Following are some pictures of our vertical organization and our attempts to make this room cozy, yet spacious.  I miss living here and I miss Washington, to say the least.

As I'm sure most people do for their respective colleges, I have major nostalgia for this magical place.

Any great ideas for storage in smaller bedrooms?
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