What Was Up With The Grammys?

Monday, February 9, 2015

Was I the only one who felt that last night's award show was weird?  On multiple levels, most notably summed up in: Pharrell's failed attempt to moonwalk.  Ed Sheeran was on fire as usual, as was BeyoncĂ©.
A palpable awkward vibe floated over the airwaves and you'd have to be dead not to have noticed it.  I even felt uncomfortable, sitting at home in my comfortable arm chair with a throw pillow behind me and a blanket on my lap.  And it takes a lot to make me feel awkward, but boy did they succeed.

Maybe I'm just in a sour mood because Taylor Swift did not win, however, I feel that if she did it would have brought more "Style" to the Grammys' stage.

I usually try to reason with and repress my critical side (I'm a Virgo so it's a battle), but I feel that, perhaps, these Grammy-goers could benefit from a couple words of constructive criticism, so here it is.

1. Sam Smith, I'm onto you.  When accepting his award for record of the year, Sam Smith thanked his friend and fellow co-writer Jimmy Napier, but neglected to mention William Phillips who was standing right next to them.  Napier also neglected to thank his fellow writer.  Bold move boys. Thank everyone who is next to you accepting the award.
2. Kanye and Rihanna jumped around while Paul McCartney stood still.  This created an interesting tableau.  Kanye and Rihanna's constant movement on stage highlighted Paul's inability to jump around in the same fashion with his guitar.  Next time?  Rearrange blocking so it doesn't look odd when 2 people are moving and the other 2 are stationary.
3. Madonna the matador.  Mostly...her goat men.  Don't use male dancers wearing horns.  Ever. That is all.  And with this, I bid you adieu.

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