A Little Goes a Long Way

Monday, April 27, 2015

I suffer from the occasional bout of nerves and it wasn't until recently that I realized what calms me most: the support of someone close to me.
Not just general, free-floating support though.  Nitty, gritty "I've got your back" support specifically regarding about what I'm nervous.  I noticed this when I had cold feet about taking a class.  It is often difficult for me to decipher hesitance from complete aversion.  My mom suggested that the class be a safe and positive learning experience that I could take or leave.  When the nervousness clustered in my stomach dispersed, I recognized that I wanted to take the class but had butterflies about it.  With that firm energy from my mom, I immediately felt my energy transform and the anxiety dissipate.  I felt solid and grounded.  Next time someone around me has anxiety, I'm going to remember to comfort them in a way I'm personally relaxed by.  Sometimes, asking questions about the issue at hand just isn't the way to go...  And sometimes, all it takes to turn a thought around is the acknowledgement that we have power over our thoughts.  Not the opposite.

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