More of France: The South

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The south of France was as magical as an enchanted forest.  The topography here was an impressive piece of architecture in itself alone.  Cue the Carla Bruni.  During our trip we saw Nice - where we did a day trip to √ąze, Sainte-Maxime, Avignon, and Paris.

We stayed at a completely relaxing inn a couple of blocks from the Mediterranean and not far from St. Tropez, Le Domaine du Calidianus.  Here, there were two pools, beside which we sat quietly, speaking softly and reading good books.  The food was amazing at the inn and obviously, at any nearby restaurant as well, though we didn't venture off grounds much besides to swim in the sea.  Dinner was served outdoors under the umbrella pines.  Breakfast wasn't as special as dinner, but it was decent.  Overall Southern France, it was, as Taylor Swift sings, "enchanting to meet you."

Before heading down to Sainte-Maxime and Nice, we stayed in Avignon which was beautiful and medieval in its architecture.  While staying here, we explored Arles for a day.  It was nice to get away and have some free time with family and friends.  Being away from home for 3 full weeks also gave me distance from certain stressors and allowed me to reconnect with what I consider important.

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