Shopping with a Conscience

Monday, May 4, 2015

Lord help me, I need to improve at this.  It is a challenge finding ethical clothing brands, although fortunately, more and more keep appearing.
One of my favorite newer companies is Nisolo, a Nashville-based company that puts ethics before cash and fairly imports beautifully designed shoes from Peru.  The shoes are really well-made and surprisingly comfortable.  No this is not a Nisolo ad...

I don't do too much shopping, because between feeling guilty about wearing leather, being frugal, and worrying about the treatment of employees, it takes a lot of time.  I don't always end up shopping at ethical companies, but I'd like that to be the case. One of my friends in college alerted me to the abuse that goes on in parts of the fashion industry (ie. I'm lookin' at you Chinese sweatshops) and I have a ways to go, but mostly I try to buy less and think more about where it's from (though I don't always succeed in doing this).  It's a rough issue, because on the one hand, any amount of money into the system can be seen as helpful, since (though underpaid), it goes to these unfairly treated workers.  Mostly, I've reconciled by shopping infrequently and when I do, I aim for boutiques I know or big companies with transparency!

Does anyone have insight or preferred companies at which to shop?
Shop to the heart...
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