The Adirondack Region

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I recently visited cousins in Saratoga Springs, NY and was flooded with renewed love of adirondack region. The fresh scent of pines welcomed me back.  I couldn't get over the deep shade and bright sunlight cast by the trees' tall canopy.
 The open land reminded me that only is one confined by the limits of his mind.  Returning to an unchanged place really can really demonstrate personal growth and boy did this area illuminate that.  I only wish it'd been warm enough to bike ride down Avenue of the Pines (pictured above). There are some damn good restaurants and activities up there, so below is a list of my favorite options I recently gave to a friend who moved to Saratoga.  They're favorites from when I went to school in the area, before transferring to Georgetown.  I had some help from my cousin and friend who attended Skidmore.


Places to Stay

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