My Wildest Dreams

Monday, July 13, 2015

A few years ago, I heard Taylor Swift's "Teardrops on my Guitar" back when MTVHits was still a thing...  I looked down at my own guitar and not a tear had dropped.  Only a frown.

 However, it didn't take long until I fell under the Swift spell.  By Red, I was hooked.  Mostly, because however mainstream they may be, Swift's songs are those of a strong and written by a woman who is just as strong.  And who am I to judge someone I've never met?

When I was in the shower the other day, "My Wildest Dreams" boomed out of my computer (special thank you to Pandora - yes, I still use Pandora...), and I couldn't help but notice the striking similarities to Lana Del Rey.  Swift took a page out of her book.  I surmise she was soothing herself to sleep with some Lana, particularly the song "American."  Just listen to it, you'll see.  The similarity is uncanny.  I must say, I'm happy with the product.  Just saying though...  Ultimately, Taylor Swift is a badass and I think that 1989 has made it clear that she knows how to write.  And frankly, I think in certain ways Taylor Swift is a great role model.  She also has a kick ass team and is managed with such dexterity that I could easily mistake her as the head of a branding corporation.

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