My Day in Dumbo

Friday, July 10, 2015

Tom Fruin's Stained Glass House
On a cloudy day in June, I visited Dumbo, Brooklyn for the first time.  While walking up a side street, I looked down the road.  There, in an 1800's dress (don't ask...) was my best friend, Shannon, posing for a camera.

Neither of us lives near Brooklyn so it was really out of the blue to stumble upon each other.  It was also my Dad's birthday and the day before Father's Day, and I feel like he brought us together for it from above!

Although it was cloudy, Dumbo was beautiful with it's cobblestone streets, view of the Brooklyn Bridge, waterfront park, and sweet little shops.  There wasn't too much to do, but it was nice to walk along the quieter streets, including visiting a lighthouse where you'd least expect one.

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