Scenic Vermont

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A few weeks ago, during the height of foliage season, I traveled to central Vermont.  The trip was for business, but lent itself to exploring with my boss, a Vermont native.  I was introduced to the local hotspots and scenic must-sees.  There is something about traveling alone that is extra peaceful and exhilarating.

 I woke up early to meditate and watch the fog roll out over the mountains from my balcony at 506 On The River Inn in Woodstock.  It was magical. The inn is cozy and inviting - the perfect resting place on a cold Vermont evening.  At night, I sat by the fire in the great room with a mug of hot chocolate, and during the day I was out exploring the area and enjoying getting to know another American mini-culture.  The land there is so bountiful, beautiful, and sprawling.  There is so much renewable energy on this earth that should be harnessed to create a healthier and more sustainable world.  My visit to Vermont made this even more poignant, as I dined in a converted mill house fueled by hydropower (more information in an upcoming post). Though I was alone, I did not for one second feel lonely in this vast landscape.

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