Simon Pearce's Innovative Use of Hydropower

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Simon Pearce Incorporated is best known for their outstanding, handblown glassware.  On a recent Vermont trip, I visited the headquarters, which is perpetually open to the public.  Inside, visitors can watch artisans blow glass, gaze out at the waterfall from the expansive porch, or sit at the bar for a Vermont IPA.

What I find most compelling about Simon Pearce as a company is their commitment to hydropower.  In Quechee, Vermont, Simon Pearce is housed in an old, converted mill house, right on the roaring river.  Guests can hear it as they sip their soup in the dining room and the mist rises up, floating past the windows where diners sit.   The food served in their restaurant is also truly worth the trip to Quechee.

Simon Pearce's commitment to hydropower significantly reduces their carbon footprint and lowers the cost of energy for them as well.  Since they're good to the environment, the environment is pretty good to them (ie. less $$$)...

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