The Magical Land of Ojai

Monday, May 9, 2016

Before traveling to Ojai, California for the first time this March, I had envisioned it as a land of high-end spas and hotels, where The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills were laid up getting pedicures and cryotherapy.  It's not.

There are spas, but the overall ambiance of the place is different from what I had expected.  I had heard good things about Ojai from my parents' friends, and it wasn't until wandering through the streets, flooded with golden light and the overwhelming scent of jasmine, that I truly understood.  It is a magical fairyland where dreams come true and minds are elevated.  To say that I fell in love is an understatement.  After hiking up Meditation Mount and sitting cross legged in the grass as the sun sank into the mountains, I was electrified with enthusiasm and peace (simultaneously).  This earth is so bountiful.

We drove up to the Ojai Valley via Santa Barbara and Montecito.  Upon arriving, we stopped at a local, organic grocery store for delicious coconut green tea and sat outside sipping it at a table on a quiet street.  Afterwards, we meandered through the streets, which had mountain views and palm trees rocketing into the sky.  I felt small and large all at once.  The trees grew up high around me, but the blue sky was so open and clear that I felt I could almost touch it.

We climbed Meditation Mount at sunset and a man with hair down to his waist in a blue jumpsuit popped out of the foliage, holding sprigs of lavender and thyme in his hand.  The views from the mount are unrivaled and although we missed the fabled "pink moment" where the sunset casts bright pink light along the rocks, I didn't mind.  The air was so fresh and people sat on the patches of grass, clearly in states of great peace.  I grew more energized and excited with each passing moment.  The sunset was beautiful and we had a 360 degree view of it from the summit.  They say that Ojai harbors a special electromagnetic energy; that it is a kind of positive, healing energy vortex.  I'd say this phenomenon is pretty evident, especially when standing on the top of Meditation Mount.  It seems like a wonderful  and spiritual artist enclave (Krishnamurti chose this location for his foundation) and those who live there seem lucky (from the outside looking in)....but things aren't always what they seem - though in this case they just may be.

It's the type of place that stays with you long after leaving.

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