Savoring September at Minnewaska Lodge

Monday, September 19, 2016

The mountains surrounding New Paltz, New York are quartz filled and undulate like waves on the ocean.  In late summer, there is a stillness up there.  Though many hotels are full, there is a quiet in the air that makes them feel more private and more serene.

Mohonk Mountain House and Minnewaska Lodge in Gardiner, New York were no exception.  Despite one choice family that yelled to their counterparts from the lake to the porch like a regular dinner argument, both properties were very peaceful.  The end of August and beginning of September give off an expansive vibe.  My family stayed at Minnewaska Lodge and dined at Mohonk.  The air off of the lake was fresh.  Mist rose up off the water after a brief rainfall and that night, a campfire glowed out back at the lodge.  There is a roaring undercurrent of vintage Americana here - summer camp, wholesome fun, just being in the woods, roasting marshmallows.  It makes me happy.

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