Disney Hall

Monday, September 5, 2016

While in LA, the heavens aligned.  Gustavo Dudamel, the thirty-five year old Venezuelan prodigy also known as "Gustavo the Great," was in town.  Rumored to be our time's greatest conductor, Dudamel was in residency conducting the LA Philharmonic.
 I love music of all kinds, so my friend offered me a free ticket, I snatched it like a child grabbing a piece of a bagel (all children love bagels, it doesn't matter where they're from).

That night, there was hardly any traffic.  The weather was cool in Downtown LA and the wind blew confidently through the open swaths of space between buildings.  The combination of sight and sound as the orchestra performed in Frank Gehry's expertly designed Disney Hall was unlike any concert I had previously attended.  Waves of sound rode off of the cavernous slabs of woods and into my mind, ears, and soul.  The concert was a little long, but really beautiful.

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