Wine Along the River

Friday, October 28, 2016

This summer, I took two separate trips to central Vermont.  One to Woodstock and one to the Bethel/Barnard area.  My second visit coincided with one of my best friend's birthdays, so I brought her with me.  I run the social media accounts of the hotel at which we stayed, 506 On The River Inn.

 It is nestled on the banks of the Ottauquechee River, right beneath the foothills of the Green Mountains.

On our first night, we walked the grounds and ran around the meadow.  As the sun sank down, we grabbed a glass of white wine and strolled out to the river, where crickets and kadydids chirped and a warm breeze rolled in from the mountains.  We were so happy to be in the quiet spaciousness that Vermont provides, we were giddy.  That night, we dined outside on the veranda at 506 Bistro and Lounge.  Our server told us that she grew up as a Lighthouse Keeper's daughter, and she moved constantly, not always living with running water and electricity (other than that supplemented by a generator).  The moon was full and the pond by the meadow glowed late into the night.  I love the fresh air, the fires that roar in the outdoor firepits, the expansive lakes, and the cool night breezes.  We both meditated and used the new onsite gym.  The second night, I met my intern at Silver Lake in Barnard, where we wandered down by the shore in the moonlight.  Some of her friends were there and they lit a fire.  It felt like I was at camp again.  Overall, it was a great vacation.

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