How to Treat Yourself to a Perfect Day When All Your Other Plans Go Awry

Monday, November 21, 2016

Recently, a trip that I planned fell through at the last minute.  The weekend I had scheduled was going to be relaxing and meditative: it would have provided the space to get away and heal.  But I had postponed finalizing certain details and at the last minute plans for my accommodations went awry.

I could not hide my disappointment (and the fact that I was disappointed in myself for being disappointed over a silly thing like a vacation).  I chose to treat myself to a series of little things that brightened up my weekend.

 I booked a massage; I adventured to Rhinebeck for a day trip and wrote in a cafĂ© there; I ate a feast of breakfast at Mohonk Mountain House and hiked on their trails.  Ironically, after all of my original plans were foiled, my weekend actually ended up perfectly.

On Day 1, after sitting in the window of Bread Alone (I ate a piece of quiche, drank a latte, and had a chocolate chip sea salt cooke) in Rhinebeck and doing some creative writing, I lounged on a hammock at Omega Institute.  It was a warm fall day, and the wind blew softly under the hammock, rocking it slowly back and forth.  The leaves were bright yellow and red up above.  I ventured down the path to my massage appointment relaxed and happy.

A few days later, I visited Mohonk Mountain House with my family, where we enjoyed a delicious breakfast before hiking around the lake.  Though that day (a Sunday) was booked with three weddings and the inn was incredibly over crowded, the sky was clear and blue, and the lake was a textured teal.

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