What Would Sasha Say

Friday, May 8, 2015

Oh my God.  You have a buhlog? You are basic.  You're not one of those blog people are you?  
Thank you, Sasha, now it's been said.
I don't have multiple personalities: Sasha Ward is a fictional character that I created with the help of my friend and roommate during college.  When we had nothing to do, we'd jokingly create a life for this character, who did things we sometimes felt we couldn't.  I had a short amount of time to finish one of my writing exercises for a creative writing class and, in an effort to speed up my thinking, I brought it up with my friend, Emily.  The assignment was to write a character who was not completely likable.  Emily suggested the opening line "Sasha Ward was a girl who knew her own worth."  From here, we created Sasha's life and in the end, she wound up being oddly sympathetic.
When I told Emily that I created a blog, she said she missed writing about Sasha and that I should do a bi-weekly post about what the character would think of me for doing this.  Consider this the first of many...
Because I'm currently working on the story, below is a blurb about Sasha Ward if you care to read:
Part 1
Sasha Ward was a girl who knew her own value.  Gifted with her mother’s billowing golden hair and her father’s mossy green eyes, Sasha turned heads wherever she went.  Upon viewing Sasha, women whispered to their husbands, “she looks like a Greek deity and dresses like one too,” though her shoulders were slumped.   Every summer Saturday, Sasha spent the morning gazing into her mirror.  In her reflection, she hoped to uncover the style of clothes that would most complement both her body and sought after badass image.  Sasha assumed that such an idea would slide into her mind just as rainwater drips into a cool black well.  So, every Saturday in the thick heat of mid July, Sasha set her alarm for 10:07 A.M., and awoke to stare at her ill-defined nose and well-sculpted eyebrows in hopes of prophetic intercession.   © Fiona Smith

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