Thursday, January 7, 2016

This year for New Year's Eve, friends and I decided to take a risk and take a road trip to Montreal, stopping in Saratoga on the way up and in Lake Placid on the way back down.  The scenery along the way (and once we arrived!) was really memorable.

We ate at a conveniently located restaurant near Old Montreal, Kitchenette.  The food was great and the wine we had was especially delicious (I'm still trying to figure out what it was - some French Sauvignon Blanc).

In all honesty, our trip was not perfect, but it was fun and filled with laughter and love.  Montreal was quiet.  The only time we encountered crowds was near midnight along the St. Lawrence River where there are fireworks.  Many shops and restaurants were closed for the holiday which was simultaneously eerie and magical.

Instead of making a resolution that I would most likely break, I made a small list of goals that I wish to accomplish in 2016....along with probably everyone else.  I'd been thinking about these things for a while and inaugurated the new year by writing them down...and feeling organized haha. Nothing revolutionary, but I'm proud of myself.

Happy 2016!!! Peace & Joy
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