Monday, January 18, 2016

The first snowfall that I saw this year was in Montreal on New Year's Day.It was beautiful - it started snowing in the morning, as we were on the way from our Air Bnb to breakfast at Taverne Gaspar.
It continued all day as we toured Old Montreal and added an extra level of enchantment and coziness to our holiday weekend.

The Notre-Dame Basilica is a tourist hotspot and rightfully so.  The peace in that cathedral inspires immediate reverence.  Also - the architecture is breathtaking.  After walking around and sitting in the pews, we headed for hot chocolate at a little cafĂ©.

There were several horse and buggies! Ironically, this guy doesn't need a car...just his cell phone. Past meets present...

Christmas decorations were still up at Taverne Gaspar.  Our favorite dinner spot was Lola Rosa.  3 of us are vegetarian and one of my best friends who had just visited Canada recommended this place (she's also veg).   It was highly delicious (ie. vegetarian quesadillas).  PS the ability to speak French really came in handy, which we were pumped about.
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